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    Ella Baché Great Spray Tan is a professional spray tan that provides an immediate bronze tint that dries instantly and develops in two hours. The formula is enriched with moisturising properties.


    Ella Baché Great Tan Without Sun Treatment is a professional fake tan. It includes a full body exfoliation and Great Tanning Cream application with instant bronzers that develop into a natural looking tan that lasts for days.


    endota spa Organic Spray Tan is a professional full-body spray tan that uses endota spa’s organic long-lasting spray tan formula.


    endota spa Organic Spray Tan with Dry Exfoliation is a professional spray tan and dry body exfoliation. It uses endota spa’s organic long-lasting spray tan formula. 


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    Q10 Power Anti-Age Multi-Action Pampering Oil for 60+ Skin
    35 reviews

    Lovely smell and texture


    This oil has a very mild and pleasant smell to it. I applied this to a damp face and it absorbed quite well.

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    Q10 Power Day Cream SPF15 for Mature Skin
    32 reviews

    A nice feeling cream


    This cream has a very mild and pleasant scent.

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    Max Factor
    Radiant Lift Foundation
    1 review

    Good Foundation


    I got colour matched at priceline for this foundation and i did think it was too dark for me once I tried to wear it at home.

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